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The National Conference of Governor’s Schools (NGoGS) is the national organization of summer residential governor’s school programs.

Summer residential governor’s schools offer gifted and high-achieving secondary (and sometimes middle-school) students an enrichment program that addresses three areas of student development—academic or artistic (often called Area 1), interdisciplinary (often called Area 2) and social and emotional (often called Area 3). The purpose of governor’s schools is to provide a constructive residential learning environment for gifted students to explore their considerable potential.

Governor’s school programs vary widely from state to state. Funding sources differ, state oversight varies among departments and public-private partnerships, nomination and selection procedures vary, and implementation strategies range as widely as the host institutions of each program.

What unites these programs is dedication to meeting the academic, artistic, and social and emotional needs to gifted, talented, and high achieving youth. The National Conference of Governor’s School exists to unite these disparate programs among many different states in this common purpose.