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National Conference of Governor's Schools Biennial Retreat

Fargo, North Dakota
Thursday, October 9 - Sunday, October 12
Theme: "National Concerns, Local Issues"


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From the Executive Committee

From Bob Seney, Secretary and Director, Mississippi Governor's School
"We are truly excited about going to Fargo, North Dakota, for our Biennial Retreat. At our site visit in January (that's right, January -- the mercury managed minus 10 degrees! See how dedicated your officers are?), we were really impressed with the city, the University, and the facilities for our meetings. Lonnie Hass has done a great job in pre-planning and the 'extras' that he is implementing are great. Just wait until you see the Viking ship! Make your plans now. This is one meeting that you don't want to miss!"

From Daniel Hocutt, President
"Fargo will be fantastic. Lonnie Hass's planning has proven that North Dakota knows how to throw a retreat! And the content of the retreat will be thought-provoking and future-oriented: how shall we address the major national issues facing education, particularly gifted education, as an organization? What is our position on these issues, and how to they affect us on a local level? Our challenge will be to position ourselves as a national voice for gifted education. I hope you will join us. And we have a special treat, too: we will be honoring on of our own for longtime dedicated service to governor's schools and to organization. I can't say more, but I hope you plan to attend!"

April Postcard Mailing

You are invited to Fargo, ND, for the 2003 Biennial Working Retreat of the National Conference of Governor's Schools. Please reserve October 9-12 for the retreat. Our theme is "National Concerns, Local Issues." More information will follow. Visit the retreat Website for all updates.